TheWorldIsYourOyster SMP
Owner 4untochrist
Status online
Players 0/120
Version 1.12.2
Rank 9
Votes 256
Uptime 72.9%
Last Check 5 month(s) ago
Country United States
Types SurvivalVanillaFactionsEconomyRoleplay

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=======SMP 1.16.4=======
. It is essentially just a survival world but with a great community!
Ranks are purchasable but trough dragon eggs not real currency!
This server I heavily community involved and we welcome and want
to include everyone that joins :D

You can build at spawn! but if you perfer to go far away you may travel by nether
highways and sky high ways at spawn!

Staff is Here to help you! Feel free to ask them to help you and they
will be more than happy to :).

[ We are still a small survival server! if you join and nobody is on,
Just go build a house and you will eventually catch us! :D]

!!!! THE RULES !!!!
No Grief= no adding or defacing other players builds.
No Spam= No Flooding chat
No Cheats= No Hacking, x-raying, or any other non vanilla
Hacked clients.