Owner Sapfisk
Status online
Players 0/40
Version 1.12.2
Rank 20
Votes 53
Uptime 72.6%
Last Check 5 month(s) ago
Country Sweden
Types EconomySurvival

Welcome to Dribble! Dribble is run by two developers. We plan to grow a stable userbase and then develop custom plugins to achieve a more tailored and fun experience for our players. We have many exciting plugins planned; therefore, we hope you will join our server and witness our plugins come to life. I won't spoil any plans here. But I, for one, am incredibly excited. We're starting off with a relatively simple survival server with some plugins such as economy, homes, etc. We both have prior experience with running Minecraft servers. But that was some years ago for the both of us, so help is welcome! That's all for me, and I hope I will see you online shortly! (Oh, and by the way, we are the players with "Bigwig" as prefixes. Why not just "Owner" you may ask? Don't worry about it ;) )Come and join us at!