Beyos MineColonies Official Modpack
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Beyo's MineColonies Official Modpack

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Modpack version: 2.0

Game version 1.16.5

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Minecolonies is an interactive Town building mod that allows you to create your own thriving Town within Minecraft. It depicts real-life scenarios by providing you with different craftable options to build your own Town and enhance your gaming experience. Featuring many NPC workers such as: Builders, Crafters, Farmers, Fishermen, Guards, Miners, Smelters, Bakers, Cooks, Deliveryman, Animal Herders and many more planned for development. As well as specialized buildings such as: Warehouse, Citizen Huts and a Townhall. Minecolonies gives you the ability to create a colony as rich and unique as every player.